(photo by cenovia cummins)

(photo by cenovia cummins)

i have done twenty years of work on and off broadway, as a music director, an associate music director, an assistant music director, a children’s music director, and probably most often as an audition pianist.  

i also write music.

this website isn’t about those things.  

this website here is about vocal coaching, and other aspects of audition/performance preparation.  

you can click here to see the semi-braggy lists of what i’ve done as a music director and a composer.  talking about those lists never feels good, but you should probably be able to see the lists if you’re considering handing your hard-earned money over to me.  

the other page will open in a separate window, so that this website can remain a no-repulsive-feelings website.

show business is rife with repulsive feelings.  putting up a website designed to sell oneself is part of that business.  i don’t like doing this.  and i can’t see a good reason to pretend that i like doing it.  

so i’m going to continue to keep this honest and keep writing in first-person.  

it’s very likely that you came to this website because you too are in the business of having to “sell” yourself, in audition rooms and otherwise.  you might not like how that feels.

if you and i work together, i would like for us to work in an environment where we can be honest about how terrible it sometimes feels to have to “sell” yourself.  

that way, we can get down to the business of finding the things that DO feel good amid all of the mess:

like feeling our voices buzz throughout a room, like communications between people, like getting better at our skills, like using our skills to portray the pain of the human condition, like fighting for what we love, like using our skills to portray the beauty of redemption, like getting the job, like realizing the big-picture reason why we didn't get the job, like learning how to keep pressing on no matter what.